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Tee does these for free for immediate family and law enforcement ONLY! If you are NOT immediate family or law enforcement then you will need to have someone that is contact us. We will not accept any emails that are not. If you are considered and your case is chosen you will be notified via email or phone.

THERE IS CURRENTLY A 3 MONTH WAIT ON THESE READINGS!!!! But sometimes if there is a cancellation Tee will move to who is next on the waiting list so it could be sooner. Please do not offer up any information about the case Tee prefers to do these blindly and will not take cases that she knows too much about as it will hinder her own intuition. 

If you are still interested in having your case chosen simply fill out the form below to be placed on the waiting list to be considered. After that, no more action needs to be taken you will simply be put on the list and if chosen will be contacted. Please note we get a multitude of these requests so we cannot possibly email everyone. Please note filling out the form does NOT guarantee that your case will be chosen. 

We will only contact you if you have been chosen. You will NOT be contacted if you have not. 

If you choose to let Tee do a video on her Tee TV channel you will get it completed much faster (within 3 months).

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⚖️Darlie Routier
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