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Are you an emotional mess most of the time? Do you get overwhelmed easily? Do you absorb other people's energy? Then you are most likely an Empath. In this book, I have put some tips and tricks that can help you on a daily basis... 28 pages

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If you ever wondered what crystals you need for which chakra then this book is for YOU! In this book, I describe Crystals and their uses and coordinating chakra also how to meditate, cleanse, charge and store them safely. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did creating it. ッ 32 pages

"Common Sense Crystals" for the Everyday Chakra
Learn what Crystals go with what Chakras. An easy how to book. Also included are Self Reiki with Crystals and Meditations. 36 pages

Hey y'all, I just wanted to make a wonderful place for everyone to join me where I can connect on a more personal level and share some of my spiritual advice and tips to help you on your spiritual journey. I hope you will share my TeeZine with friends and family and on social media so others can find my TeeZine and network. Thank you all so much for being a part of this amazing journey and I hope you will continue to follow my vlogs, my travels, and my journey. Plus it's free to view. 🔮Hugs Tee

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