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What Crystals are best for YOU? Chakra Balance/Grounding/Crystal Healing MP3's
Connecting with your inner Chakras to bring you Balance & Guidance in your everyday life! 
Every Crystal has its own magical abilities and attributes, but all work in the following ways: 
*Vibrational Balance: These vibrations are matched to the energy given off by your bodies Aura and your energy centers.
*Channel Energy: Energy can be focused and refracted through crystals just like light. Including psychic energy, healing energies and divine communications.

Crystals and more Crystals pt. 1.mp3

Stones for Accessing the Ethers and Higher Dimensions.mp3

Crystals and Gemstones for ABUNDANCE.mp3

Crystals for Love and Relationships.mp3

Stones and Crystals to Enhance your Personal Power.mp3

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