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Testimonial from Lookinfor Tabby: Lookinfor Tabby ~ I can not explain in full detail But Tee Gregory never being in Alabama Tee was able to lead us to some of Tabby's belongings describing churches and roads giving us a direct path. She lives in another state and would not have known some of the details about this case if not for her God given gift."

My name is Julia MacIntosh and I am a single mom of 3 beautiful daughters. I have a story that is like no other so I will start from the beginning so you can understand. I divorced my youngest child's father when she was 2. He is not the father of my other 2 children but he was the only father figure they have ever had so that being said I will continue. He was quite a violent man at times and I finally had had enough of the abuse and moved out and in with my mother. Well the courts gave him visitation of my youngest but if the other girls wanted to go as well I would let them for like I said before he was like their father. He was never violent to the children just to me. Well I had started dating a new guy, someone I worked with, and my ex met him for the first time when he picked up the girls for his weekend visit. Well he was pissed to say the least and accused me of just needing a babysitter for all the kids just so I could go out with men. I just blew it off not wanting to ruin the girls weekend and simply said whatever and walked away. Well Sunday came and I was excited to see my girls but they never came home. I waited and waited thinking he was just running late. After about an hour with no call I panicked and called the police. Well they were no help saying I had to give him a little more time. I was mad. I knew he was bringing them home late just to make me pay for having a new man in my life. So I got my coat and went over to his house. I was horrified when I saw it almost empty. Oh God he left and took my girls. Well this time the police did come but they couldn't find him. I called my sister crying uncontrollably. She suggested I speak with a psychic. I thought, are you serious? I am in need of a detective not a psychic. Well she called one anyway. It was a woman named Tee that she had used before and seemed to be right on with everything she had told her. So I agreed to talk to her, I thought at this point I will even talk to a psychic I just wanted my girls back. I didn't think he would hurt them but if he was mad enough at me I couldn't chance it. Tee told me that he did have them at a hotel and had left the night before. She said they had drove for exactly 6 hours west and that the hotel had a star in the name or on the sign. She also told me that he used his brother in law's name and credit card to register. Ok so I told the police exactly what she said and believe it or not they took it into consideration and check where he would be if he drove the 6 hours west and any hotels in that state with a star in the name or on the sign. A longshot right? Nope. They got ahold of his brother in law who admitted giving him the card and told them where he was. They found them in Cali exactly 6 hours from where I live at a Starwood Hotel using his brothers name and credit card. Without this info I never would have thought to go that route at all. I truly believe Tee has brought my children back to me. 
Hi, my name is Samatha Meyers from Las Vegas, NV. I want to share my story with you about the services I received from Psychic Tee. I first found out my daughter was missing about 3 months ago. My daughter has been in and out of trouble and she is no stranger to the law. She has had a drug problem for several years now and has been in rehab twice. I have tried desperately to get the police to listen to me and help, but in their eyes, my daughter is a drug using prostitute and not worth their valuable time. In the search for my daughter, I have found other parents in the same situation as myself. What can you do? To them she is nothing and to me she is everything. I know if I can just get her home then we can help her. I have been to the Coroner twice to look at unidentified bodies of women that were deceased. I was asked to by the same police, that will not help me, to come down and see if that is my Shannon. Thank God they were not, but I do hurt for the families that will soon find out that their daughter is no longer alive. I do not want to be that parent. I knew she was alive and that is all I kept saying over and over. I saw Tee's website quite some time ago after I had heard her show on BTR and I have always said that I should get a reading, but I never had time. I work in 2 different casino's as a waitress and I feel that had a lot to do with me losing touch with Shannon. I went ahead and emailed Tee from her website and she emailed me back immediately. We made an emergency appt for that night. I was surprised at her details and knowledge of the situation although I have never talked to her till now. She told me that she was with a man that I worked with named ----- and I thought impossible they don't even know each other she must just be picking up my energy. But when she started to describe the house my daughter was in I knew it was him. How could I be working with him every day for a month and him not say anything? I told Tee, I know where that is and that's his house. I also told Tee that I was leaving right now to go there and confront him and her but Tee said to wait. How can I wait? That's my daughter I have been searching a month for. She insisted and so I did. Tee said to wait until 1 am because that is when she will be outside by herself swinging in the front yard and my husband and I can grab her. By the way she is only 17. Tee said if I try to go before then he will deny she is there and even if I could get the police to go over there he will just move her somewhere else. Well, there is a swing in the front yard but I find it hard to believe that she will be in it at 1 am. I hung up still wanting to shoot straight over there, but something told me just to wait and see. I didn't want to take the chance that Tee may be right. At 12:45 that night we waited down the street from the house. We talked about why on earth would she come out at 1 am it made no sense we should just go up there, but my husband said to wait so we did. If I didn't see her by 1:10 am I was flying through that door. At 1:02 am to my shock there she was. She walked outside and sat on the swing. I had no time to think how on Earth Tee knew that, we just flew out the car and grabbed her and made her get in the car. To our surprise, she put up no fight and started to tell us a story of how he held her there all day trapped in a locked house with someone keeping watch, or so she thought. But every night around 1 am he felt it safe enough for her to go outside and get some air while he watched from the window. Well, the police did arrest him and now we are a family again. I still wonder how Tee knew all she did. But I do know that without Tee I would not have my daughter back and to top it all off his DNA was matched to one of the deceased girls I have previously viewed. What can you give someone who gives you your life back? She gave me my daughter back. In another week or so I would have been looking at my daughter on a slab if not for Tee and I believe that with everything that I am. I still cannot believe that I worked with that man. Thank you Tee words cannot express my gratitude.
 My story starts like this.  My daughter vanished without a trace a year ago on August 11, 2010.  With no leads and not a lot of cooperation from people that may have been involved, I was at the end of my rope per say.  See there was a person that admitted to taking her to a neighboring city and dropping her of at a house said he did not see anyone around, there was no lights on and, he did not wait to make sure she made it inside.  He later admitted to smoking marijuana with her that evening.  With the last person to see her not willing to do a polygraph with the FBI, I was in a state of hopelessness.  I was contacted by Project Angel Eyes about getting my daughter listed on their website, of course I did so.  I was later told about this psychic that they had working with them to aid them in helping to find the missing.  Being very skeptical, because I do not know how much faith I have in psychic power.  We have been contacted by many fraudulent ones giving false hopes.  Anyway I decided to do the reading.  I was at a point to where I thought what could it hurt. I was truly amazed with the reading she knew things that could not be found over the internet.  She knew specifics about my daughters case that had not been told to the media.  She knew what my daughters last words were to me, and that had never been told to anyone except for the police and the FBI.  Although the reading was not the news that I had hoped to hear.  I do know that soon I will have some closure. If you are in need of help and do not have any answers I truly recommend that you get a hold of Psychic Tee, she is amazing.  Honestly take it from one of the biggest skeptics in the world, she truly does have this wonderful gift and she uses it to help people.  Thank you so much Tee. Hope Berg
My father has been missing since January 2002. As a family, we have theorized and agonized over his fate. In all these years no one has been able to provide many answers to our thousands of questions. I have always been skeptical of “psychics” but in desperation contacted Tee. We had a telephone conversation in July that rocked my world. Tee spoke to me about the events of the day my father disappeared in such detail. She seemed to speak of him THROUGH him using his very own unique manner of speaking. How could Tee know my father without having ever met him? I believe what she has told us to be true. I believe that the answers we have been searching for all these years have been found.  Thank you Tee and Jessica for your work. We will always be grateful! Lissa Felzer
I feel compelled to write this for I am still in awe! It was a normal Saturday just like any other. My 7 year old Daughter was walking to her friends house only 5 min away by walking. About 5 months ago they put a second chance house for convicted sex offenders only 8 blocks from our house. We were totally unaware of this until my daughter disappeared. We didn't know she was gone until about 20 min after she had left I had called the neighbor to send her home because she forgot to take her medicine. To my HORROR the neighbor said she wasn't there. I immediately went into panic mode calling everyone I knew in the neighborhood. Maybe she had went to another friends house she had several. After about another 15 min my husband said dial 911. You can never imagine the intense panic and hurt that comes over you when you learn your child is missing I literally collapsed but couldn't I had to find my daughter. While my husband was on the phone with the 911 dispatch I remembered my friend had recently had a reading with a Psychic in Indiana. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and begged my friend for her #. She called Psychic Tee 3-way. Was I actually going to lower myself to listen to a psychic with my strong Catholic background? HELL YES! I was, my child was gone and I wanted her back and I would have talked to the devil himself to get her back. Tee told me about the second chance house 8 blocks away, which later I verified as true, she could not have possibly know that I am in Tampa Florida she is in Indiana I never even gave her my name and we were 3 way she didn't even have my #. My friend who called her lives in another state. She told me that a man had took her and described him and the abandoned house only 5 blocks away that he had her in right now. I tore out the door with my husband screaming behind me. I knew that house I drove by it everyday, Tee could have never seen this house I knew she knew where my daughter was. I ran up to the door that was locked and my husband by that time had caught up I started kicking the door screaming shes in there and my husband immediately kicked it in. My daughter came running into my arms as my husband chased the man who flew out the back door and over a fence. We never caught him although the police went to the safe house and questioned everyone and used Tee's description we still had no proof. Never the less I have my child and Thank God she is not a statistic. We are not rich by any means and live paycheck to paycheck but I offered her everything and anything I had but she wouldn't take it. So the only thing I feel I can do for her now is big the loudest voice anyone has ever heard proclaiming her gift. She is an angel and I will always be there for her with whatever in life she may ever need. She gave me back my child nothing is more important to me than that. God Bless you Tee. Kathy Harmon
Whatever you do in life, I urge you to contact Tee and request a reading with her.  I believe she has a God-given gift to see things others may not and she uses her talent to help individuals and families seek answers to long-standing questions.  With much uncertainty I took the ”risk” and contacted her.  Please allow me to share my experience with you. It had been a year and one half since I’d lost my daughter and I had no answers as to what happened to her or if we would ever find her.  Dear friends referred me to Tee as a possible means to find information leading to our daughter’s whereabouts.   I didn’t know what to think about the notion of speaking with a psychic but felt, what could I possibly lose?  What if Tee knew something that could help us?  So I made the call and prepared for our first reading. I was terribly anxious and did not know what to expect. Tee asked me not to give her any information for she works from a blank slate without clues or assumptions.  I was totally unprepared for what was to come.  Tee took me on a journey my daughter made the day she disappeared.  Her description of my daughter’s travels match the information I know and the police have gathered over time.  I was immediately taken back by the level of detail Tee shared that only I as a mother knew or the authorities knew.  Where did she get her information?  Surely it did not come from the media for even they didn’t have the personal details and specifics Tee was able to connect with.   I should tell you Tee lives in a different state than we do yet she  was able to take me through local neighborhoods she never visited and provided intricate information and specifics of the area.  She knew roads, buildings, people and landmarks only those who live here or are involved with my daughter’s case would be familiar with. Although I’m not in a position to share information regarding my daughter’s missing persons’ case, I’m convinced Tee has a extremely strong ability to connect with existing energies that guide her to information you need or would like to have. I urge you to make the call and get connected with her.  You will not regret it.  I believe the Lord puts people in our lives for a reason.  He put Tee in our path and for that I’m forever grateful to Him for through her He has given us Peace.   ~N~
My name is Stacey White my sister in law Tabitha Franklin has been missing for 10 months. We as a family have experienced a nightmare in trying to get local, media, and law enforcement support. After much searching, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to psychic Tee who upon speaking with me via a phone conversation was able to give me intimate details not only about Tabby but about the evening she became missing. At the ending of our conversation (which was mainly her speaking asking nothing from me about her case or even her name)she had a message for Tabitha's children. This message could have only come from a spiritual nature it was a story of heaven only close family members knew of, this message was so powerful that when heard by Tabitha's brothers one became instantly sick while the other was overwhelmed with tears. It is my opinion that Tee has indeed been given the gift of insight and also the compassion to use this powerful gift to help families whose loved one is missing. She charges nothing to help the families of the missing and her accuracy is worth millions to the families whose hearts are so desperately in search for answers.
 My daughter, JESSIE FOSTER has been missing since March 29, 2006. Over 4 years now. I have tried pretty well everything I can think of to find my daughter, and on Thursday, July 1, 2010 - On Canada's Birthday and our national holiday, CANADA DAY, I had a reading with Psychic Tee. She was not the first psychic that I have spoken to, actually, I have talked to many. Except for a few, they all have told me Jessie is alive, but not really much else. Some say she is in the USA, some say she is in some other country, but no one has ever told me where she was. Until Tee! She did not give me an address, unfortunately, but I believe she gave me enough information that maybe we can find Jessie, and if we don't Tee still told me she would still come home, so either way, I will be getting my daughter back. Tee told me many things during the hour we talked. Some of it we already knew as fact, and some of it was what we believed had happened. There were some things that I don't believe there was any other way she could have known, other than through her psychic ability, and it was those things that meant the most to me. I was very impressed with Tee, and like I said, I have talked to many different psychics - you do this when you have a missing loved ones and you are searching for answers. Tee talked for around 45 minutes straight about what happened to Jessie - before she went missing, during her abduction and afterwards . . . right up to now. Then she asked me if I had questions. Of course I did. I did not have a lot of them, she already told me the answers to what I needed to know, but I still had a few details I asked her about. She told me Jessie is alive and that is something I have always known in my heart. And she told me I would get my beautiful daughter back by the spring of 2011. After over 4 years, I can wait until then for all my prayers to be answered and my dreams to come true. Thank you for your time Tee. I appreciate it very much. It gave me great hope that I will be getting my daughter back alive. And that all I have thought and all I have believed since Jessie disappeared is what really happened. It means a lot to me, and I believe it would mean a lot to anyone in our situation who really does not have anything to hang on to, when there is just the unknown. With sincere thanks, Jessie Foster's mom Glendene Grant and family.
My daughter Phylicia went missing on 2/11/2004. From that day on our world was turned upside down and every waking moment was spent trying to find her. We had many theories on what could have happened but without evidence or finding Phylicia nothing could be proven. For years we checked every lead from basements to rivers to abandoned buildings. But no Phylicia. Everytime our hearts broke thinking that was THE "time" we would find her. I have worked with Jessica Shipton with Project Angel Eyes for 2 years now on Phylicia's case. She has been an angel and I can not express how grateful I am to have her on our side. She does whatever it takes to bring Phylicia home and I am convinced she will not stop till she is home. Jessica called me one day and told me about Psychic Tee and promised she was amazing. Of course I was open to it anything that might bring my daughter home. But I have spoken to so many psychics how would this one be any different? How much money is she going to want from me? What is the catch? Is she a fraud? Jessica assured me it was free and that Psychic Tee was amazing. I said ok but of course had my guard up just in case. When I spoke to Tee the wall I had built to protect myself from a fraud dropped right away. She immediately spoke about Phylicia as if she knew her, her whole life. Things no one except for me, as her mother knew. I knew right then she was connecting with my beautiful daughter Phylicia. None of this information was public knowledge. How could this woman know all of this? She was definitely no fraud she was yet another Angel like Jessica and gave me the information I have been looking for. Unfortunately it has been 6 years so getting to Phylicia is not as easy as we would have hoped. Because of the ongoing investigation I can not say where she is or what Tee told me, but I am confident she is there and we will do what it takes to find her. Tee is amazing I can not thank her enough for her time and energy she has put into my daughters case. Not one time did she ask me for a name, a detail, or anything. Those that question Tee should really give her a chance. There is no way with 100,000 missing people in the US that she could have "guessed" about Phylicia. Never once did I tell her Phylicia's name. All she knew is my name was Pauline. She didn't know my relationship to the missing person ahead of time either. I want to thank you Tee for everything you and Jessica truly are angels sent here to make the world a better place. You are both so giving. Thank you. ~Pauline Bailey~