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Do you have a question about psychic development for Tee? These will be answered on Tee TV monthly. 

Welcome to Psychic Development Training program to learn your Life's Purpose and the steps you need to take to achieve it. Here Tee offers you Spiritual guidance and information on becoming the best YOU possible with seminars and Psychic Development Training.
Everyone is Psychic! One of the first things I teach in my classes is that YES everyone is Psychic! You have your own special psychic abilities and no one else in the world is like you. You just need to find which ability is truly yours that you were born with. You were given this ability in this life to guide and protect you while you go through this lifetime. We also carry abilities from past lives to assist us in each lifetime we have. Your soul has a journey and knowing the gifts and abilities you carry early on can help you through this journey more successfully. 
Have you ever felt like you do not belong? Something has to be bigger or better than this? You feel like you have a much higher purpose but cannot figure that purpose out? You know you have a gift but cannot quite determine your ability. You want to find out all you can about YOU before you decide to take a Psychic Development class of any kind. No worries. I can help! This workshop is to help determine your abilities and decide if or when you want to "come out of the psychic closet" or utilize it in your everyday life. Does your ability have a higher purpose for you or others? Let's find out together. Take that first step!
What is your purpose for this lifetime? Are you on the right path? Did you know that you carry over Karma from your past lives? Discover your life purpose and the lessons you need to learn?  Are you ready for that next step in your life? Now that you have developed your psychic universal mind it is time to use that for the purpose in which it was intended. Whether you have taken my class or learned your life's lessons on your own this is a perfect time to see what's next or validation on what you believe your purpose to be. Are you fulfilling your purpose yet? Do you know what that purpose is? It's time to find out!
Don't ever let anything stand between YOU and your journey!
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Image result for feather pngHow to cleanse with White Sage: First open all windows and doors.  Then light your white sage incense cone or stick. Blow out the fire so that all you have is smoke coming from the sage. With a feather or your hand cup the smoke and wave in the opposite direction of your body. Start in the middle of each room and then waving the smoke in every corner and then ending at a window or door and wave the smoke in the direction of the window or door. While doing this repeat "I use this sage to release any negative energy in this room and replace with only white light and love" Continue until you feel that all the negative energy has been released. Throw some sea salt out the front and back door.  
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