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Do you feel like you have abilities but not sure what they are?
Do you have a desire to help others but not sure how?
You know you have psychic gifts but not sure how to use them?
You know you have a higher purpose but not sure what that purpose is?
Are you confused about psychic development and not even sure what course you need to take?
Let me help you get started on your spiritual path to evolvement with Spiritual Mentoring... 
🙏Electives (meaning anyone with any ability can benefit from these courses)
Do you have a question about psychic development for Tee? These will be answered on Tee TV monthly. 

Image result for feather pngHow to cleanse with White Sage: First open all windows and doors.  Then light your white sage incense cone or stick. Blow out the fire so that all you have is smoke coming from the sage. With a feather or your hand cup the smoke and wave in the opposite direction of your body. Start in the middle of each room and then waving the smoke in every corner and then ending at a window or door and wave the smoke in the direction of the window or door. While doing this repeat "I use this sage to release any negative energy in this room and replace with only white light and love" Continue until you feel that all the negative energy has been released. Throw some sea salt out the front and back door.  
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