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Welcome to Tee radio! During these shows Tee will have several different co-hosts on different subjects from love, crystal, chakras, Angels and even star beings. She will also bring in guests with conversations on the Metaphysical and Spiritual World. If you are a Psychic, Healer, Tarot/Oracle card reader, etc... and you would like to be a guest on Tee's radio show, or Tee would LOVE to be a guest on your show, just fill out the form below. Tee currently has her own radio show on Tee Radio, Youtube, Soundcloud, BlogTalkRadio, and Spreaker and a television show Tee TV that airs daily. You can keep up with upcoming shows and events by visiting her Facebook page. Tee has also been a guest on numerous television and radio shows and has been heard by millions throughout the world. 

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BTR call-in # (914) 219-0905

 Would you like to be a guest on my radio show? Or I would LOVE to be your guest! I Love making new connections! Just fill out the form below. Here is the link for my BTR radio show ♪♫♩ 

Are you a Psychic, Healer, Tarot/Oracle card reader? Then I'm looking for you. As you know my radio show is high ranking on BTR with thousands of listeners and callers and a great opportunity to get yourself out there. Is this something that you feel resonates with you? I look forward to connecting with you.

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