I will be doing more Radio shows, TV shows and in person seminars throughout the World. I have moved to a higher Vibrational Consciousness and working on a ton of projects and would love for you to join me along my Path.

 Namaste & Hugs Tee

☽❂☾Worldwide Psychic Readings

Tee does readings worldwide via phone and skype so feel free to purchase yours today! International must do skype!

Emergency Psychic Phone/Skype/Chat Reading
With these readings you will receive immediate attention from Tee within 1-3 hours *conditions below

(15 mins/$100) 
(30 mins/$185) 
(60 mins/$350)

Contact me immediately before or after purchase to arrange reading

Psychic Phone/Skype/Chat Reading (1 question email readings? Keep scrolling)

Phone/Skype/Chat available readings listed below. Tee does fill quickly. Current scheduling is anywhere from 6 days to 6 weeks. Just click on the button below to purchase. After purchase, you will be notified for scheduling at the email you provide at checkout. These are for general readings only. Done Mon-Fri ONLY  *conditions below so by purchasing a reading you are agreeing to my disclaimer and conditions below.

(15 mins/$75) 
(30 mins/$150) 
(60 mins/$300)

 1+ Question Email/Facebook message Psychic Reading

 Please note these are for GENERAL questions ONLY! Love, career, etc... For a detailed reading please purchase a phone reading. Your questions will be answered within 1 - 48 hours. You can send your questions to tee@tessalunalluvia.com or via Facebook messaging.

Please be specific with your questions. If you are looking for a more detailed reading then please consider the phone/chat readings.

These are NOT yes or no. I will give you a detailed answer for the question asked. But please remember each who, why, where, when, how, etc.. counts as 1 question! *conditions below so by purchasing a reading you are agreeing to my disclaimer and conditions below.

1 question = $15
 3 questions = $40 (save $5) 
6 questions = $80 (save $10) 
*BEST DEAL* ~ 10 ?questions = $100 (save $50) 

ღ彡Psychic Mediumship Reading
Connect with your Angels, Guides or Deceased Loved Ones. 60 min Phone/Skype Recorded Reading $450 You will be given a call in # for your session and afterward, you will be sent the MP3 via email after your session. If you are using Skype then it will not be recorded.
After purchase you will be notified for scheduling at the email you provide at checkout.
Tee does offer in person Group Readings 
(Travel in USA Only & Skype for International)
For more than 15 people please contact us!
To schedule a Group Reading you must provide a $100 non-refundable deposit. The remainder is due 3 days before scheduled event.
You can also pay in full. (preferred method) Contact us to pay & Schedule

*(conditions) Upon purchase contact Tee and your reading will be scheduled for Tee's next availability. Tee does not do readings on Sat or Sun for this is family time so if a phone or email reading is bought after 6pm cst that Friday it will not be scheduled/answered until Monday. General readings consist of questions such as relationship, career, finances, etc... For Emergency readings, Tee does not do them on Weekends or Holidays (family day) and they are available Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm cst (unless on filming assignment so it is best to always contact Tee first to see if there is availability for that day and time). 

*If you would like to connect to your Guides, Angels or Deceased Loved Ones then you will need to purchase the Mediumship Reading above. These questions will NOT be answered in a general or free reading. Also Tee only does Missing Person readings for family or law enforcement and will not do them in general readings. You must fill out the Missing Person form. Missing item readings are also separate readings and will not be answered here (contact Tee if you need this type of reading). Tee does NOT do Health readings. If you buy a reading in mistake and wish a different one then Tee will apply the money toward the new reading. 

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