Sage Cleansing & Smudgings 

How to cleanse with White Sage: First open all windows and doors.  Then light your white sage incense cone or stick. Blow out the fire so that all you have is smoke coming from the sage. With a feather or your hand cup the smoke and wave in the opposite direction of your body. Start in the middle of each room and then waving the smoke in every corner and then ending at a window or door and wave the smoke in the direction of the window or door. While doing this repeat "I use this sage to release any negative energy in this room and replace with only white light and love" Continue until you feel that all the negative energy has been released. Throw some sea salt out the front and back door.  ©TessaLuna Lluvia "Tee"

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Here is a quick exercise that I use daily:
1. Create your Psychic Anchor (we will learn how to do this in Class)
2. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down (make sure your clothes are not too tight so they will not distract you) 
3. Take several deep breaths (in through your nose out through your mouth) 
4. Keep doing breathing exercises until you feel relaxed  
5. Using your Third Eye imagine a golden light forming and growing larger (we will learn how to use and develop your third eye in class)
6. The light can be any color you wish or as golden as you perceive
7. Imagine it wrapping you up in it like a big quilt and snuggling in its warmth 
8. Feel free to connect with your Angels or Guides and travel in your Universal Mind to places you would like to psychically investigate 
9. Open yourself to the Universal Flow and let it carry you to where you need to be and allow it to bring you the information that you seek 
10. Time to count from 5-0 and spread out your Universal Light until you need to use it again (the more you practice you will be able to create your anchor and connect to the light at will) 

When I have trouble meditating there is a simple little thing that I do that seems to help awaken my senses. I get a bowl of water and a white Candle and I usually wait until the moon is full but you don't have to. Before I start I first think about what it is that I want to accomplish that day, or that next day if it's in the evening. I completely clear my mind of any thoughts that I may have and concentrate strictly on what it is that I want to accomplish. I have a table underneath the window, where the moon illuminates in, where I set my bowl of water and the white candle. I light to Candle and position it so that the flame and moonlight light are flickering on the water. I concentrate on the flame and the moonlight dancing around in the water and I clear my mind of all the clutter from the day. As I concentrate more on the water images start to appear almost like answers to my questions. After about 10 min. I usually have the answers that I seek. I just find this is a really simple way to meditate when my days been hectic and I really cannot seem to get 10 min. to concentrate to meditate for myself. Easy but effective.

 Beach Healing Meditation to restore your balance with the natural world

What you will need:
small Bowl
white tea light candle
bowl of sand or warm water
lavender oil or your favorite essential oil
Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet facing the floor. Position your chair near a window. If it is nice and pretty outside open your window just a bit. In the small bowl place a few drops of your favorite essential oil and light a small white tea light candle next to the bowl. Place your feet in the bowl of sand or warm water, whichever you have chosen. Sift your toes through the sand or through the water and close your eyes and InVision yourself on a warm beach with the waves of the ocean coming and going ever so slightly. Breathe in and hold 5 seconds then breathe out 5 seconds. Try to visualize your self lying on the beach and breathing in the ocean air and listening to the waves. Continue to breathe in and out. What is it that you would like to envision on this beautiful day. What is it that you would like to create in your life at this moment. Feel the calming breeze. Listen to the waves of the ocean. Smell the scents in the air. Relax! 

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