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"Tee's Collection"

🧚💀 These pieces are found along my travels around the world in thrift shops and by spiritual locals. I have also invited fae and spirits along my journey to enter the crystals so they may remain safe and can be helpful to the wearer. Each piece has a being in it and should be treated with the greatest of respect and cared for properly and in return, they will help you along your path and journey. 

My whole life Spirits have always been drawn to me. With the ability to see and communicate with them and the empathy to feel their energy, I make it my mission to help them when I can and in exchange they share some of their energy with me for my crystals. I have been doing this for years and they love helping me in return and helping others when I feel the need to pass the piece on to someone else. For the past 8 years I have traveled a lot and came across many Elementals, Fae and Spirits and I am always wearing a crystal, whether that be a necklace, ring, bracelet or even earrings, I always have something for them to energize. So everywhere I travel I help them when I can and pass their gifts onto others that need it the most. So I have a lot of pieces in my collection and I am collecting more and more every year. I have always considered letting my spirit pieces help others but I never felt the time was right. Recently I started connecting with each piece to see if they are wanting to be passed on to someone else for a new home and new experience (adventure) and when one decides it is ready to go I list it here on my Spirit Jewelry page. I have so many spirit pieces that have helped me so much I always find it hard to let them go. With Caroline's pieces I try so desperately to find them homes that I use that as an excuse to hold on to my personal pieces but I have realized over time that they need to go to someone that can really benefit from them. So if you are drawn to one of the pieces I just ask that you keep their protective item with them and when you feel they are ready to be passed onto to someone else that you find the right person that will respect and care for them as much as you had. 🔮💜Namaste Tee

💟Caroline's Collection
❤I had a wonderful friend named Caroline from London. I met her online about 8 years ago when I started collecting spirit pieces. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine and being psychic I was always drawn to spirit pieces and growing up with a mom who was an antique dealer just made me more interested. I always got to see and feel all the wonderful and sometimes the not so wonderful energy of antique pieces when she would take me to estate sales or auctions when I was young. I always loved to hear Caroline's stories of all the elementals and spirits that she would encounter daily. She also had a passion for spirit jewelry and we would always send each other pieces from our collections. I had never really thought of selling my pieces until recently when she passed away and left me her entire spirit jewelry collection. I was excited and sad all at the same time. I will really miss her. I felt she understood this type of collecting better than anyone I had ever encountered. It was almost like a secret society of sorts; after all not very many people are open and accepting to this kind of collecting of spirit beings and some almost think of it as cruel but if they would truly look deep into it they would see we rescue these spirits and give them a way to experience life like they wouldn't have otherwise. Also, they are always free to leave the piece they are never trapped. When the family sent me the collection I could not believe how much was in there it was very overwhelming with more pieces than I could ever care for. With the collection came a note about each piece and how she came upon it. She also asked me to find them homes where they will be loved and cared for and so that is, of course, what I am doing. So I hope you love my "Caroline Collection" as much as me and if you are drawn to any one of the pieces please consider adopting one.
All items come in this beautiful Coraline Organza bag
Looking for a specific piece or elemental? I might have it contact me at 
tee@tessalunalluvia.com I have a huge collection with just not enough time to list it all 💜
All my spirit pieces are $250 each. They are all genuine stones and solid sterling silver and they come with their own protection stones... Serious buyers only! 💜
💜These pieces are available for Adoption below💜
(unfortunately no layaway or holds)
💜 I am going to list the Spirit Jewelry for sale before I get the stories up because you all want them and I am struggling for time to type out all of the stories. So I will list them for sale and feel free to purchase and I will ship the story with it. If it is still available I will try to type up as many as I can today. Super Hugs Tee, thank you so much for being patient with me. 

💟Caroline's sold pieces: Once a piece is sold I remove the story for that travels with the piece. Check back daily for new items!💟
💜Tee's sold pieces: Once a piece is sold I remove the story for that travels with the piece. Check back daily for new items! 💜

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