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🧚💀 These pieces are found along my travels around the world in thrift shops and by spiritual locals. I have also invited fae and spirits along my journey to enter the crystals so they may remain safe and can be helpful to the wearer. Each piece has a being in it and should be treated with the greatest of respect and cared for properly and in return they will help you along your path and journey.

My whole life Spirits have always been drawn to me. With the ability to see and communicate with them and the empathy to feel their energy I make it my mission to help them when I can and in exchange they share some of their energy with me for my crystals. I have been doing this for years and they love helping me in return and helping others when I feel the need to pass the piece on to someone else. For the past 3 years I have traveled a lot and came across many Elementals, Fae and Spirits and I am always wearing a crystal, whether that be a necklace, ring, bracelet or even earrings, I always have something for them to energize. So everywhere I travel I help them when I can and pass their gifts onto others that need it the most. 

🌚Name: Luna
Purpose: Protectress of charioteers (planes, trains, autos, etc...) and safety in travel and adventures.
She brings feminine energy and arouses creativity and brings about luck in new projects.
Beautiful Vintage Rainbow Moonstone 18" Sterling Silver plated Necklace (I would guess the necklace to be about 40 - 50 years old) (comes with organza bag & tumbled Hematite as shown in pic)
🌚I grew up with a mother who was an antique dealer so I would often accompany her on estates sales and auctions. As I got older I would take my children to them as I thought it was a cool way to show them history through antiques. About 15 years ago I went to an Estate sale of an older lady that had passed and her family was selling off her estate. It wasn't much, mind you, but there was some beautiful jewelry. Most of it was costume jewelry but some of it was real gemstones and very beautiful. I had bid on a beautiful Moonstone necklace and was elated when I had won it. I came home and put it in my jewelry box I really had not planned on wearing it often but it was a fine treasure none the less. Well when we had moved into our Victorian home, that we have now, I found that old jewelry box and that necklace. I honestly had forgotten all about it. But there was something about its blue flash in the moonstone that had always reminded of a shiny full moon. So this last Solstice I decided to wear it for my Summer Solstice ritual of good fortune. During the ritual, I could feel the Moon Goddess energy so intense, much more than ever before in any ritual I had ever done, and I just knew it was the necklace I was wearing. So I decided to harness some of that wonderful moon goddess healing energy into the stones of the necklace. I went inside and carefully wrapped it and placed a hematite with it, as I often place stones with my pieces to help them retain the energy and protect from negative energy, and then I carefully placed it in the back of my drawer knowing that someday this would be beneficial to someone other than me as I have my own stones that I keep for my own personal use. So if you feel that Luna is right for you and you are drawn to her energy and decide to purchase her then please keep her hematite next to her when you are not wearing her as she relies on its protection. 
🧚Name: Raine
Purpose: To help others flourish and renew
She loves all animals, nature and all beings and loves to be placed somewhere in the sun with her rose quartz nearby.
1 1/4" Solid 925 Sterling Silver Rough Raw Rainbow Moonstone Pendant (13 grams) (comes with organza bag & raw Rose Quartz as shown in pic) 
Rainbow Moonstone allows the Crown Chakra to open and bring in loving white healing energies that will flow through us to the very core of our being. Rainbow Moonstone helps us to remember our true nature. A stone of intuition and insight, Moonstone helps us to connect to all the different cycles we experience in life.
I encountered Raine along a path I was hiking on an early morning while traveling in Bowling Green Ky by the Lost River Cave. I also have several other pieces from this trip from inside the cave. She was a beautiful Fae with Rainbow light and she fascinated me to the point where I had to go see her up close. It had just rained and the Rainbow was already in the sky and I asked her if she only came out during the rainbow and she said that she is her strongest after the rain and that her gift was new beginnings, meaning leaving the old behind and starting anew, and that she offered that to those that were accepting. I then asked her if she wanted to encompass her light into the moonstone of the necklace I was wearing so that she could help others that could not have the pleasure of knowing her personally. She agreed and now I offer this wonderful stone to someone that needs her help. I finally decided not to keep her for myself because I went through a huge transformation last year and felt like I have already started my life on a new path and so I want to help someone else with their rebirth on their journey. Someone that would like to have a rebirth of sorts and start anew with their life. 
So if you feel that Raine is right for you and you are drawn to her energy and decide to purchase her then please keep her Rose Quartz next to her when you are not wearing her as she relies on its loving energy. 

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