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Must be 1 specific ? NO mediumship, lost items people or pets! Just 1 general question for love, career or finance, etc.. (ex.. Will I find love soon? or Will I find a new job?) NO just in general readings (ex.. What do you see for me in the future?)

Remember if you did submit a question that in order to be chosen you have to subscribed to my youtube channel. I have noticed a lot of people submitting questions are not subscribed and that is probably why your question will not be chosen or has not been chosen in the past. Another reason your question may not have gotten chosen is that you are asking the wrong type of question. I only offer this free reading for 1 general question only. So if you are asking me for a general reading, like how does my 2017 look or what's in store for me, then you will not be chosen. Also, I will not do mediumship readings, such as asking about how someone who passed over is, these will not be answered as well. If you are looking for this type of reading then please consider a phone reading or a question email reading. :) I love doing these readings for free for those who cannot afford a reading all I ask is that exchange of energy of subscribing :) I am helping you and you are helping me :<3

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