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I write this with tears because I do not know how to express my appreciation and love for this kind woman. Tee is a Godsend. She was sent to me by Angels I just know it. Our precious Lab had been missing for 63 days and we had given up hope of ever finding him. When a friend suggested that I contact Tee I immediately said NO WAY I do not believe in psychics I was raised better than that. Harsh words I know and I am ashamed of them now. My friend ended up reaching out to Tee and she insisted on speaking to me and I thought ok I will prove you wrong. She told me our precious Lab had wandered in the rain and was picked up by someone who thought he was a stray. I guess somehow his collar had come off. She told us the last name and the next towns name and said you will get ahold of them at the diner there that had a bell in the name. Well, there is a Diner with a bell on its logo so I tried that and there was a woman that was a waitress with that last name and come to find out they had indeed picked up a dog that they had took out to her uncle's farm. Well in disbelief we hopped in the car and drove straight there and there my precious angel was and now we have him back. What do you do for someone that has given you back your most precious gift? Thank you Tee you are forever my Angel and renewed my faith in all. Your friend for life, Gladys T.
Wow, Tee is amazing! Just wanted to give an update. Last time she predicted that I was pregnant with a girl. And she was right! She also predicted a job situation correctly. She is the real deal and super sweet too! You won't regret a reading with her. -Tina M

I called into the Tee and Lee radio program tonight to find my lost necklace my husband had bought me for our anniversary. I believe it was Tee I talked to. I was so upset when I called in because as I mentioned on the show I had been to several psychic's already including calling in to about 15 blog radio shows all week as well. I did not really think Tee could help me at all. By this time so much time and money had already been wasted that now I was a definite skeptic. She walked me around my yard and house and took me straight to the necklace that was in a small trench in my driveway that is used to take rain water away from the house. I know I was in so much shock and crying on the show that I forgot to Thank Tee and Leeann for the wonderful reading. I am still crying, xoxo Roberta-Oklahoma
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The Tee & Lee Show 6 19 2012.mp3

Tonight I did a radio show where I had helped 2 women. One had a missing ring and one had a missing dog. BOTH FOUND!!!! YEA! Testimonials from both women below. Click mic to play 

I'm so happy that I messaged Tee a question tonight about my missing pup. I cannot believe he was right where Tee said he would be. We do have this old lady at the end of the street who has a ton of stray animals. I had thought to go down there and ask but I was sure he wouldn't have wondered that far. But I am happy to have my fur baby back and will watch him more closely. Thanks Tee lesson learned. You're the BEST!!!! ~ Missy C. Hampton, NJ 

My name is Emily Praxton and I was one of the people who asked Tee a question on her radio show tonight. My question was about an item missing out of my mother's trunk in my attic. I did not tell Tee what the item was, however, she knew it was my mother's anniversary band that my father had given her before he died. She had told me that my teenage daughter had it and was wearing it to school. I immediately confronted her and she did, in fact, have the ring. I do not know how Tee does it but I am completely speechless. ~ Emily Praxton, Washington State 

Wonderful Validation from Valerie ♥ Hi Tee, this is a validation of your reading a couple of days ago that I will be working in the second week of June. I Just got the call yesterday. I'm to start on June 11th. Thanks so much. Love and Light.

Wonderful Validation from Ted Swing via facebook  Ted Swing: You are amazing! The reading you gave was spot on! Thank you very much!

Thank you so much Tee for the opportunity of a reading with you. I am so very grateful to be able to have the validation of the path I am on, and for your amazing guidance and your story you shared. To also know now about my healing guide which truly humbles me, even though I felt him/her come in about 2 weeks ago, I wasn't sure what it was all about. Thank you so much for explaining this and why they are here with me, along with a name. Such a wonderful confirmation for me. Much love from my heart to yours. Kirsty Laird - Australia

 Just had the most AMAZING reading with one of the worlds most amazing psychics !!!! Thank you for claryfying everything for me and projecting me forward Psychic Tee - bleeping amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janette Harman - Australia 

My testimonial for Tee. I had my first reading with Tee about 2 years ago and I have to say her attention to details was quite remarkable. I was not able to get another reading after that because of financial difficulties. Tee ran a sale this week for a 30 minute mp3 reading so I went ahead and bought one, even though I am still in a financial bad state, but something told me it was something that I needed to do. I have to say in the 2 years since I have talked to Tee she has grown a lot spiritually. I was extremely impressed with how she has taken her abilities to a new level. She explained to me what she felt was holding me back financially and some steps I could take to improve it. I have to agree that everything she said was correct. I was not allowing myself to be abundant in life because of a certain fear. It is something I have been trying to work on and get through. She gave me the courage to do something yesterday that I have been scared to go after and I did and I got the call late evening saying I had received the job and the chance for training. You have changed my life Tee and I can never repay you for all the good that you do for me and others. I am planning on joining your psychic development classes with my first paycheck. Thank you again and forever grateful.~ Payton H. ~ Canada

 There are not enough words to express the joy I feel right now. Psychic Tee you are amazing and have a phenomenal gift. I thank you for sharing your gift with me and the world! I wanted to talk to Tee about love and career but got a whole lot more. I actually was supposed to talk to her on 11/7 but had to reschedule and I'm glad I did. Two years ago today, 11/8, my brother died and he came through today. The details and names Tee gave made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I'm still in shock. Tee gave me one of the best gifts that I could've received today. You don't know how much this means to me. If you haven't given her a call....please do yourself a favor and call her. I guarantee you will not call any other psychic. Psychic Tee, once again I can't thank you enough. ~ Rhonda F

 I first talked to Tee on facebook when she was doing free tarot reads about a year ago. Today I noticed she was doing free fairy reads. I never purchased a reading off Tee's site but always wanted too. Tonight she did a tarot read for me (didn't want a fairy one and Tee was kind enough to do a different one) and it was so dead on that I decided to get an emergency reading so I could talk to her tonight. About 10 years ago something happened to drastically change my life. I have discussed it with other psychics but none have really been able to shed any light on the matter. I know from Tee's radio shows that she does remote viewing and can take herself to any situation and look around, I guess that is why she is on such demand in missing persons cases (yes I read the testimonial she posted earlier on FB and that is why I was impressed enough to trust her with this question). I have to admit after going to so many other psychics to no avail I wasn't really sure she could see the situation or help me either. What happened was someone broke into my home and took my mothers diamond earrings. My mother long ago passed and they were left to me in her will. I had a pretty good idea who took them but I was always told by that person and others that it is not so. Well I have searched for any psychic over the past 10 years to just give me an initial or a last name or a description but the names and descriptions they gave me never matched, I had all but gave up when I read Tee's missing person testimonial and thought I would give her a try. If she couldn't help than I was done asking, period! I want to tell you as I write this testimonial I am still laughing at it all. Tee told me that no one stole them. I said WHAT? What do you mean no one. Well I thought that's it, she isn't really a psychic either what a waste of money. Than she said you put them in a box of memories in the attic in your mother's old hope chest. WHAT? How did she know I had my mothers old hope chest in the attic? I said are you crazy? I have been blaming and searching for 10 years for the person who robbed me and you are telling me they have been with me this whole time and I just forgot? No Way! Well I thanked her for her time and was impressed that she knew about the chest but was none the wiser. As I sat in front of the tv watching my favorite show before bed, I thought, I will just go look to make my mind more at ease. I walked up the stairs and pulled out that dusty chest that I haven't been able to go through, and still didn't want to go through, for 10 years now. I struggled with the lock, long time ago broke, and finally got it open to see all the wonderful pics and wedding dress and my baby dress and OMG, No Way, a small blue box. I sat there for a minute in complete shock. As I opened it in amazement I almost fainted when I saw those earrings. I had them the whole time. 10 years of anxiety and loads of money to psychics just so Tee can see me for the foolish old lady that I am. I only wish I knew Tee 10 years ago. Love to you Tee from an old forgetful lady Betsy Hern Chicago, IL

 I received a past life reading from my favorite psychic! It was amazing like ever reading Tee has ever done for me. Her talents are truly a gift that to this day amazes me. I've had several reading from Tee and never been disappointed with any of them. Always tells it like it is...pulls no punches, doesn't sugar coat anything and I love it! If you are thinking about getting a past life reading be prepared to have your socks blown off...the things that you will learn about yourself will help with living this life and others beyond this one. Even though there is usually a wait to get your reading it's all worth the waiting. If you just want a regular reading and you can't wait...don't forget she does emergency readings and they too are worth every dime you'll spend. I promise, you will go away with alot to think about and some things will make more sense to you after you talk with T. We shall me life long friends...this life and the next and the next...etc. - Krikket ~ Michigan

 Here is my testimonial for Psychic Tee. It starts with me saying that I did have to wait 2 months for my reading and at first I was thinking maybe I should have gotten someone who can get me in sooner but I patiently waited because my friends said she was amazing, plus I figured it's like a good restaurant, she must be really good to have a long wait. So I finally got my reading today and man was it worth it. She was so dead on and so matter of fact and to the point with no BS. She knew things she couldn't have possibly known. Things I had never told anyone. Plus she does this really cool remote viewing thing where she can see things and people around you and that was the best part. I am hooked, line and sinker. I now know that Tee has an emergency reading that is not that much more money than a regular reading where you can talk to her the same or next day and that is what I am getting from now on. I feel like Tee is one of my best friends and I have never even met her. She just makes you feel that way. What can I say more except I love me some Psychic Tee. xoxox Carmen S. - Anchorage, Alaska

 I received a free tarot reading on her facebook page not really expecting much but was surprised that the cards knew exactly what I needed to know right then , coming back from a rough few years and dealing with certain battles that I'll discuss with a friend later it became clear that I should keep with the lessons that i had learned the past few years and not take the easy way out like so many around me are ding , after all it's just so not worth the karma so I'm gonna keep reminding myself this when things get stressful and just keep pushing on :) and I'm am very hard to read not only because I'm always guarded but she saw right through it ! Thanks so much for this helpful reminder ~Melissa

 I was brought to Tee through a friend who is one of Tee's clients. I have to say I have been a skeptic my whole life. But my friend bought me a gift certificate through Tee's website for my birthday and not wanting to hurt her feelings I scheduled a reading. I was not expecting anything to come of the reading and thought it more of entertainment. Boy was I wrong! I barely said hi to Tee when she said my grandmothers name the date she died and a message that she wanted to give to me. Seriously this was just spooky. First of all my grandmother died when I was only 6. Second I didn't even know her first name because my family always referred to her as nana. The message she gave me was about something that happened when I was 16 and Im 32 now and there is absolutely no way Tee could have known. I have never told anyone, not even my mother. Too spooky! But fantastic! I am now the biggest believer in Tee. But I am still a skeptic to everyone else, LMAO. Thank you Tee for helping me believe and opening my eyes to new things coming into my life. Absolutely amazing! You go girl! Danica Elpers - Toronto

First I have to tell you this woman is amazing!!! I was very skeptical at first, but with her readings she gave me the belief back. I have been burned by a local psychic in my town for 2 years even though some of the things she saw did come about, but it was always more money. I finally gave up for about a year, till I listen to Tee's show. I thought I would give her a try, well to my surprise I was shock. The first time I purchase a reading from Tee was a 1 question reading.....she reply back to see if we were connecting she knew the name of my ex husband and my father's middle name (which no one knows except my siblings). I got chills when I read the email. I have purchase 4 readings from Tee this year and I would have to say......please have patience because she is busy, but also have patience because the outcome of the reading doesn't happen overnight. Since the last reading from her things have progress as of this past Friday and I am excited to see what happens next according to her reading. Fingers crossed Tee about Feb 2012. Thanks so much for being you and sharing your abilities to others.  Anna B.

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Highly recommended to all!!


First & foremost, Psychic Tee is phenomenal. If you haven't had a reading from her before, I am telling you to schedule one. You will not be sorry as she is like no other. I had a reading today due to my concern over pending job loss & she totally blew me away with the accurate amount of information she gave. She mentioned things that only I or a close friend would know. She also spoke of my parents & said their first names & ages without any mention from me. She is truly remarkable & uses her gifts in such a wonderful way. There are not enough positive words to describe this experience as her kindness & caring nature is like conversing with a good friend whose only interest is to help. I can say without a doubt, I will be scheduling additional readings in the future as she is the real deal. Please don’t pass her up as she will leave you speechless too.

Thank you, Psychic Tee for sharing your gifted abilities. I really appreciate your guidance & assistance on this journey called life.

Many blessings to you & your family

Karen Hayne


I heard of Psychic Tee from Blog Talk Radio and I listened to some of her shows and thought it was amazing that she knew peoples names and ages without them giving her information. It sounded too good to be true! At first I could not comprehend how she could do that. I emailed her for a one question reading and got a different answer than what I’ve gotten from numerous other psychics. Her answer however completely matched what was happening in my life. Being extremely intrigued, and since like many others I was going through my own set of problems I did an emergency reading. Psychic Tee mentioned the color of the building I live in along with the amount of stories it has. She unmistakably mentioned nearby places such as a specific restaurant and a school! I started tripping out… I couldn’t believe she knew all that right away. She even mentioned to me she knew that I’ve attended cosmetology school. There is no way on earth she could have known anything she had mentioned to me I did not give her any information at all. She told me specific information regarding my issues and concerns in extreme detail. Psychic Tee is absolutely genuine she does not sugar coat anything and tells it like it is. I can truly say I wish I never spent any money on other psychics as no one was able to match her capabilities. I’ve seen accurate psychics before who were able to relay messages to me that have come to light but those were minor and not to the degree Psychic Tee was able to describe. Psychic Tee is now my only psychic and I will be a client for life! In all honesty she will be able to tell you personal facts without you mentioning a thing try her she is worth it, the answers she will provide will be able to give you the satisfaction you need and allow you to have knowledge necessary to take whatever the next steps may be in your own life. I’m truly happy to have found her, her accurate insights have made a world of a difference to me. Mya, Canada


I just got my first ever psychic reading from Tee and I am really glad I did. For years I have been having a horrible time erasing what happened in my life and I needed some serious closure about what I thought had happened and up until now, no psychic has been able to give me details or names. My apartment got broken into 3 years ago and some of my precious items got stolen. I had a feeling who it could be but never told them I suspected. For 3 years now all I have wanted to know is who did it and why. I have paid for a lot of psychics to never get a name but many different reasons that made no sense at all. I about gave up until I heard Tee's radio show and I knew that this was the one psychic that could tell me everything I needed to know and she did. I gave her no info (nothing) and she gave me their name and the reason that I suspected all along. I went and confronted this person and walked over to the dresser that Tee was sure my mother's jewelry was in. There it was. I knew it. Thank you, Tee. You have given me back my sanity and my mother's jewelry. I can never thank you enough.

Sara Croswell New Mexico


I always listen to Psychic Tee and Robin's radio show on Wednesdays. Actually my whole office does. We love their show and listening to Tee's amazing details and then getting Robin's great advice and healing at the end of the show. I have tried to call about 15 times and can never seem to get on so I went ahead and bought a reading from Tee. Well I have to say that this woman doesn't know me from the man on the moon but talked as if she knew me my whole life. I recently tried calling in to other radio shows but they always have to have a name or a birth date and I do not feel comfortable doing that. But Tee never ask for anything but always seems to know names and dates and ages. So I have to say that she is the real thing. I was very impressed with my reading and plan on getting many many more. I have been struggling with finding a job and Tee told me in 3 days I would get a call from a woman named Sally and she worked at a place that started with an R and that she would offer me a job as her assistant and that I would get the job even though I didn't apply for it. YEA RIGHT I told Tee don't I wish. Well 3 days later my sister in laws boss Sally called me and asked me if I wanted to be her assistant at her clinic working in Radiology on a temporary could be permanent basis because her assistant quit out of the blue from her private practice and she is desperate and my sister in law said I would be perfect. Sally? R for Radiology? Didn't apply for job? Are you kidding me? How in the heavens did she do that? I am a loyal listener and client for life. Give her a try you will not be sorry!

Marian Newman Little Rock, Arkansas


Am I the only one in the world that hasn't heard The Psychic Tee Show before today? Did you hear her on the Radio give those details? Can psychics really be that accurate? Today my eyes were opened spiritually. I never believed before today. I must have been sitting here for hours listening to all the archives. She is amazing! I was also reading the comments left by people on how good she is. I got an emergency 15 min reading with Tee about an hour ago because I just had to see for myself. I was BLOWN AWAY with amazement. She is the real deal here folks. It's crazy just crazy. Well, I can see where my bonus check is going this year. I will just end now with WOW again.
Carmine Welsh New York, NY


WTF? Is all I can say! Total shock is an understatement! I had my first reading with Tee tonight and what a crazy reading it was. How on earth does she know the things that she does? She told me about my great-grandmother who died when I was 12 that everyone tells me I favor. I was going to ask Tee about her but before I could Tee said to me "You want to know about Grace don't you?" WTF Is she a mind reader or something? I have been going to psychics for years and none of them have ever been this detailed. Names, ages, dates, and details. How can this be? Well, I am hooked. I wish I had a million dollars so I could get a reading from Tee every day of my life. You have to try her. She is super good. She does have a long wait sometimes, but man is it worth it. Thanks, Tee you are the best! Gail Williams, Ohio


I first heard Psychic Tee and Robin on blog talk and I was so impressed by Tee's details. I have to admit I thought it was a trick and that she must have people call in that she knows just to make herself look accurate mainly I felt this because it is next to impossible to get on their show. They are definitely spiritual Divas's or something. So I called in time after time still never seeming to get on. I was just about to give up when finally they answered my call. Tees voice is so friendly and she treated me like I was her sister or something, very warming! So I thought here is my chance. she will know nothing about me and I can remain skeptical and move on. Well to my surprise or shock, I should say, she knew me like the back of her hand. How in the world does she do that? After Tee, Robin came on. I have to say she is just as friendly and very knowledgeable in her healing. Tee told me what was going on in my life that needed to change and Robin told me how to go about doing it. What a team and so impressive. I listen in every week and never miss a show. I work in an office of 25 women and when their show comes on I crank it up. We all love listening and yes we all try to call in. Wonderful caring women. Tee I don't know how you do it but I love it. The Real Deal! Thanks again Tasha Barton Seattle,Wa


I feel the same way. When I called in I told them my name was Denise. Robin began talking then Tee suddenly said: "Now I know you said your name is Denise but I'm picking up Peggy." Peggy "is" my first name! I don't use it, I don't have it anywhere that someone could access it. I was floored & it takes a lot to floor me because usually, I'm hard to read. Then at the end Tee was telling me something & mentioned my age. How the heck did she know my age I thought? They are both just amazing and you're right they bring a very spiritual balance to their show. I'm still amazed at the reading I received. Denise Ferguson


First of all I have had tons of psychic readings. I have probably had at least 30 in the past 10 years. I know that's a lot but I guess you could say I am a fanatic. Its like gambling to me. I had one psychic that I liked a lot and have been with for about the past 6 years. She's a nice lady and is accurate most of the time about my life situations. My friend saw this psychic on Facebook and heard her radio show and said I should try her. I listened to the show and thought ok no way in the world is this woman this accurate and able to see names and places and stuff she couldn't possibly know. I had to try her and see. Well I must say the reading started off like I was talking to a good friend so that was nice and then she said I could ask my questions. The first question was does my grandmother who I have never met ever come to see me at night? Good question I figured she would say oh yes she visits often and she loves you, the same stuff I have heard from psychic after psychic. But she didn't. To my shock she said her name was Lillian and that she ran a boarding house in her 30's and that she died of pneumonia 3 weeks before I was born. MOUTH OPEN There is no way she could know this. I just found out myself about 3 years ago. What in the world is going on? I asked her how on earth could she know that and she said because she is standing in front of me talking. I fell on the floor. 30 psychics and none of them could see her? WHAT? Well needless to say to make a long story short I only go to Psychic Tee now. My days of psychic bouncing around are over! Thank God for her. She has been the biggest blessing in my life! Laura M. Dallas, TX


I noticed everyone else giving testimonials so I decided that I would share my story also. I found out about Psychic Tee about 3 years ago when my husband died. I think she was just starting out then. I am very skeptical to say the least but as time went on I had different experiences involving what I thought was my husband trying to contact me. I have talked to several psychics with no luck. I had decided to give up when I found Psychic Tee's site. I decided just one last time, because she claimed to be able to give detailed names and such, and if I couldn't get the answers that I needed then maybe there wasn't really a way to communicate between worlds after all. When I called her she immediately picked up on his name. That was odd I thought because I definitely didn't give her any info all I said was hello. She also told me that he was around me that past Tuesday at my son's house and that he had broke the glass off the sink. At this point I was stunned. I still had only said hello, because she told me that she just needed my energy and that was all and not to give her any info. Well that was one of my ?'s I had prepared to ask her that had just got answered. Then I said can I ask you a ? and she said yes. I said can you tell me the color of my rabbit I had when I was 9? And do you know what she said? She said NO because you didn't have one. WOW, I was testing her and she caught it. So I said can you give me his mother's name and she did. After that we talked for the full hour and since then I have been a very loyal client to her. Now when people ask me if I believe in psychics? I say just one, Psychic Tee. Rosalyn Williams


Ok so I didn't have a missing person but I did have a missing pet. Notice I said DID? So here is my lil ol' story for you about Psychic Tee. My daughters Hamster had been missing for 5 days. I don't know how he got out but he did. She has been devastated to say the least. I know what your thinking a hamster, whoopie, but this is after all my 10 year old's BABY! So my best friend ask if I had ever considered a psychic. I'm like yeah right! But what the hay I will try anything at this point to ease the pain of my child and not have to buy another one. So anyway back to my story. I am a follower with a psychic on Twitter. Never met her but following her because I love the quotes she writes sometimes. Well anyway, It was only $10 for one question so I tried it. Well she told me that the hamster had fallen into a storage bucket that I had unpacked the school clothes on the day it disappeared so I'm thinking weird how would she know that. So she tells me that when I put the bucket in the lil storage room in our basement that the hamster gnawed a hole through the bucket and is in the storage room. What? How did she know I did all that? Are there cameras in my house. Am I on a reality show or something? Ok I'll bite! So I went down in the basement not really expecting to find anything and OMG there was the bucket with a hole. Well as you can imagine I almost had a heart attack. I immediately closed the door and start searching the room. Can you believe I found the lil rascal in a corner under the artificial Xmas Tree. He was a little skinnier but none the less alive and happy to see someone or so he seemed. I was never a believer in psychics but I have to admit that was really strange in a good way. Thanks Tee from a lil girl who got her friend back and a mom who is happy that she's happy! Stephanie C.